Monday, April 29, 2013

Everything Bite meets Twill Doubleweave Sample

I loved the "everything bite" towel warp so very much, and have decided to expand on it a little bit and combine it with another really good idea: the doubleweave blanket!  I have never done doubleweave on the 8-shaft loom or with twill, so I'm excited to try something new!

This is just a 4" sample (and being doubleweave makes it 8").  I used the tie-up from the book Doubleweave by Jennifer Moore.  It is the tie-up for the double-width blanket in 2/2 herringbone twill (page 111).  If I were to do another sample, I might just try regular twill (pg 105-107), although I am really liking how this pattern is coming out!  It's different, unpredictable, and has a few patterns forming in it that catch the eye.  I might actually consider doing the whole blanket using this set-up.  You are supposed to change colors at the twill changes, but I kind of like it eclectic like this!

It's so colorful, and such a cool concept to be able to weave twice the width of my loom!!

I am using 20 colors from my stash 12/2 cotton to weave this sample, and that is what I plan on using for the actual blanket also.  Since the sett of the 12/2 cotton is 30 epi, I have to account for both layers so this sett is 60 epi.  The threads are very dense, but I don't seem to be having any problems at all.  I am using a #10 reed, so there are 6 threads in every dent.  This is definitely the most threads I have ever put into 1 dent, but I'm glad to see it's working just fine!  I was a little worried at first.

Here's the original tie-up, which doesn't look like much because it's supposed to be weaving on separate layers but the weaving draft program is meshing them together.  So if this is what your weaving really does look like, then you are actually doing it wrong!

It's hard to tell exactly what this pattern is weaving.  In addition, because of all the colors, it's hard to decipher the pattern on the loom!  When you dissect the original doubleweave pattern on page 111, you are basically weaving what I would call a broken twill repeat... but the official name really is herringbone, just like the book calls it!

The pattern looks like this on each side:

I love doubleweave!

PS.  Our parting shot today is from the aloe plants that are blooming in our front garden.  I have never seen anything like it!!

They're coming right out of this growth in the center: