Sunday, April 28, 2013

ta da!

When it comes to weaving, I always feel part magician.

"Ta da!  They're done!  And now for my next trick..."

 I love my new system that I came up with off the top of my head back in February.  I serge the edges and then sew them down.  I tuck in the corners so the serging doesn't unravel.

These towels are more awesome off the loom than they were on the loom!  I definitely like them all washed up and ready to use!  I'll be adding one to my personal set of towels, which is overflowing in the closet because of all my additions over the last few years!  I love taking one out and remembering the things that were going on in my life at that time that I "wove through" and worked out mentally.

I love weaving!!!

PS. Our parting shot today is a lovely bloom from a cactus at the local park.  Brian took this picture and it's really good!!