Friday, April 26, 2013

Short shuttles

 Half way through I ended up changing to the smaller shuttles.  The large shuttles were just too big and clunky.  These ones made all the difference!  They are so graceful!  I love using them for narrower weaves, although they wouldn't work well for the blanket-sized weaves.  Thank-goodness for both!

I wove right up to the ends, but I realized that I didn't want to go past this point because it makes it hard to find the shed.  This is my new stopping point!

 I used the last little bit of space I had to weave with just one color.  I have a computer program that I could have done this with, but sometimes it's just fun to experiment in person!

  Up close, this section looks like a strawberry skin with seeds.

The 5 yard warp wove up relatively quickly!  Once I got into the groove, my shuttles were flying!  I love it when I get into my weaving groove, but unfortunately, it doesn't last forever because the warp eventually runs out!

 This fabric was done in no time at all!

These colors look great together for summer!  I can't wait until I can sit on the back porch sipping my pink lemonade watching the sunset, or even better: the 4th of July fireworks!!  Yay for summer!!!