Friday, April 19, 2013

Mrs. Woolton is ready to pAr-tAy!

She's done!!

I found some cute dark purple eyes for Woolma Woolton of Woolingham Manor... they are elegant and perfect for a little lady!  


I almost expect her to ask, "Tea, anyone?"  And then have the butler fetch us some tea and crumpets. 

Mostly, I love her whimsical look!

And I think the twill worked out real well for the effect of the exposed skin on the legs and muzzle. 

She stretched out nicely... the proportions seems much better this time around!  Good thing I did a practice sheep!

The tail could use some improvement, but I did my best.  I couldn't sew one and then turn it around because the fabric is so incredibly thick, so I just sewed two wrong sides together and cut off the edges.

She's perfect just the way she is!

This little project sure has stretched me to my fullest, which I have enjoyed!  And I feel like I've  completed my goals nicely, too, which is also a very satisfying feeling.  Not only is it a pattern that I made up, but  the weave structure for the sheep skin is a new weaving technique for me.  Two double whammies!