Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I couldn't wait to get these plied!  They look just like I wanted them to look! 

The only hard thing about it was that the plies broke more often than I wanted them to, but I don't think it will be too big of a problem.  I can work around what yarn I do have.  I just tied the plies back together and kept on going.  When I do the warp board, I can cut out the parts that have knots and also when I'm weaving, if there are too many knots in the weft, I can make it work by cutting it and starting over again.  I don't think it will happen too often though... it just felt as though the breaks happened more often than I wanted it to while I was plying them!

Now all I need to do is make some navy in 2-ply and 3-ply, and I should be good to go!  I might just do 3-ply navy... but something tells me that I might want the 2-ply to even things out a bit.