Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pinterest and Pink Lemonade

Pinterest is a cool site.  Sometimes I gather much inspiration for this site, and I like to think that I also leave a lot of inspiration for other people.  My pins get re-pinned quite often, so I hope I am adding to the community that I take a lot from!  Some of my favorite pins are the recipes, and I've tried quite a few of them already!  I've tried a few cleaning tips, but they don't always work as magically as the pinterest picture promises!  

Through Pinterest, I have found some great weaving pictures, patterns, and references.  However, this is the first thing I am actually pulling from my Pinterest weaving reserve!  I saw this really neat 4-shaft spirals pattern, and I knew I was in!  It's way cool, eye-catching, and only 4-shafts!  (I've noticed lately I've stuck to 4-shafts, and I don't know why!  Maybe because they are so cool??)


I am thinking these swirls would look great in pink and yellow... almost like cool swirls of pink lemonade, ready to swirl you up and cool you down during the hot summer that is sure to hit us very soon!