Tuesday, April 30, 2013

light wefts

I am experimenting with different light wefts.

Here is light yellow:

 Here is light blue:

Here is light green:

I know when I did the everything towels, I liked the dark wefts more.  But I wondered if that feeling would change with a different weaving structure completely.  One thing I like about these lighter wefts is that some of these vertical lines look like vines with flowers!  The weft I end up using will depend on what kind of project I want in the end.  If I want something with a "pow!" where the colors pop, then I should probably stick to the dark wefts.  But if I want a change from my usual, then I might try something more mellow like the light wefts.  With summer coming, I am leaning towards the lighter weft.  It feels so light, airy, and summer-like!

Up close shot with green weft: