Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sheep skins

This is the pattern for the sheep skins I want to weave. These are not the colors I will be choosing, I just wanted to show the texture of the fabric.  And in the bottom pattern, the double shots are the chenille caterpillars I wove from wool.  It actually went through just once, but I couldn't show that on the chart and still make it look bigger.

The top pattern is just a 2/2 twill fabric I want to make so I can use it for the non-fuzzy parts like the head, ears, and legs.

Here is my 4 yard warp of the chenille strips.  I need to cut these apart.  The weaving is each 1 inch apart, but I think 2 inches will be better.  I will just have to experiment and see which one is better.  If the 2" is better, I will just cut every other one, it will still work.

Here are the skin yarn and the chenille yarn together.  One is a little creamier than the other, but aren't sheep various colors throughout, too?  It's better than a plum-skinned sheep!  Although I did consider, what would a rainbow fuzzed sheep look like?  I think maybe like a clown?  Would it be funny or just plain dumb?  I might have to at least consider some variant of it...

In fact, an idea I had was to make a flock of a couple of sheet, all but one are white.  The one that is not white is white skinned with rainbow hair... hmm... kind of like the black sheep, but a colorful one.

Anyway, I'm going to warp 4 yards of this yarn and my sett will be 30 epi, 2 threads per dent in a 30 reed.  It's going to be threaded as a basic 1-2-3-4 run, and a small part of it will be a 2/2 twill.  The majority of it will be this chenille fabric, that has mostly a plain weave structure.  I think 30 epi will cover both weave structures ok.  It will favor twill, but it will work for the tabby, too.

There is a reason why I chose 2/2 twill for the skin.  Amy Preckshot always makes her animal skins as realistic as possible.  I chose a simple 2/2 twill for the sheep because they have a definite lined "grain" to their skin in the short hair areas.  This picture gave me the idea.  Their hair has such straight lines to it.  So it seems as if 2/2 twill is a cop-out, but it's not!  I put thought into it.