Monday, April 15, 2013

Fuzzy Wool Carpet

These are the beginnings of my fuzzy sheep skins.  I used the pattern posted before, and this is what I got for the first 5 rows.

It's very hardy, and can handle the flicker brush without any problems whatsoever!

I noticed it looks pretty striped.  I also cut the wool caterpillars to 1" total across, rather than 2" across. 

Notice the blotching and striping from above. 

So then I changed my pattern to a 1/3 twill where the caterpillars go, and 4 shots of plain weave.  I also flick the caterpillars out to pull up the wool pieces before I pushed them into place.  So far, the fabric is super thick, fuzzy, and just incredible!

It filled in a lot better with these other techniques.  

Now I just worry about sewing it on my machine!  And the finishing touches!  

I worry too often.


 this would totally make THE BEST cat carpet!

So if all fails, Zip and Scout will LOVE it!